All dorm rooms have one basic feature in common—Iack of storage space! But how can one manage little
spaces to make them seem less small? By keeping it cute with lovely and active dorm room storage ideas! In
order to maximize space in a dorm room, the process has to be broken down into five awesome areas that
are in dire need of organization.

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The Best Five Dorm Room Storage Ideas

1. Managing Drawers and Closets

One sure way to manage space in a dorm room is to change the habit of storing clothes, handbags, shoes and other accessories. This is especially important for college students sharing a tight closet/drawer with just one hanging rod, but with a load of stuffs to hang. Adding another rod will immediately create lots of storage space. Drawers can be added to accommodate folded clothes, even as a hanging shoe rack can as well be fitted in to take care of shoes.

2. Maximize Table Space

Normally, tables or desks kept in dorm rooms provide less storage space, but it has to be properly organized to accommodate books and supplies, while sparing room for reading. Something like a file cart can be placed under the table/desk to organize and store handouts and notes. Desk with double storage drawers provides room for other materials and supplies.

3. Discover Space on Walls & Doors

Doors & walls can take more than just posters. Hook racks and grids hanged on the walls or doors in a dorm room can create additional storage space. Bulletin boards, grid system and even shoe racks for holding shoes can be fitted and removed with ease.

4. Bed As A Keeper

Actually, lots of things can go under the bed when kept in an extreme end of a dorm room. Things like shoes take so much space and tends to get on the way often than not. Putting a shoe organizer under the bed a way to get to them without being on the way. Large bags or cartons containing valuables can also be neatly arranged under the bed.

5. Laundry

In order to escape the task of hauling clothes to and fro the staircases, choosing a portable and comfortable laundry solution is a must. A shower hook can be set up to hold laundries like pants or bras, provided they can be dry-clean.

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