English country living room are popularly known to have a loveable interior that consists of features that take you back to the Tudor period. Generally, English cottage interiors are exceedingly comfortable, what with the inviting and warm environment the entire interior offers. It is absolutely the best example of how an interior of such stature and class should encompass in a simple yet elegant manner.English Country Cottage Style photo - 1

The English country cottage style consists of purely natural materials, from stone, wood and metallic finishes alike. This, above all else gives it a characteristic that is completely down to earth and yet, not simple enough to be easy to the eye due to the level of detailing and convolution it makes use of. Such kind of a setting deserves to be pleasantly laid back with a set of English country decor, purely fashioned out of timber and accordingly, accessories that expound on the easy sophistication.

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Additionally, the coloring of the interior should follow the same earthly aisle, mostly ochre and other natural, light color accents: blue and green are proper examples. However, those colors should be applied in a manner that is subtle and with medium intensity. Your decor should also be rightly textured and employ fabrics that are decent, from silk to cotton.
As a final touch, don’t forget that a proper English country interior makes use of odors that are worth to behold and sounds of nature, such as a fire crackling away under a chimney. Also, keep it all clean and decent as a way to maintain English cottage interior.

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Comparison with several brands

Comparing English cottage interiors with others, there isn’t much to distinguish them apart really. Take the French country interior as an example. Its interior makes use of colors and fabrics from the French origin and as seen from English interiors, the type of art used is meant to focus on animals and additional pastoral art. The English are known to highly value their animals. So, it all depends on the culture really.

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