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Accessorise with Modern Shelving

Whether it is dealing with an awkwardly shaped room or simply wanting to add more storage, the addition of shelving is a great choice purely because of how versatile and unique it can be, adding depth, character, and colour to any home. Over the years shelving has moved away from being purely functional and now is an integrated feature in the modern home design. From floating shelves to hanging shelves the possibilities are endless especially now that technology and style are always exploding with innovative creations. We are starting to see the use of modern shelving to add a feature wall in many rooms, in many homes, more often than not using floating shelves. The removal of brackets allows us to create more concentrated and geometric designs whilst still being entirely functional. Those with edgings give a cleaner effect, neatening the storage and placement of objects and plants. Dependant upon how space is filled, using floating shelves often gives a very minimalist effect seen in the modern world as clean and precise.

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Although block colors and hidden fixings are all the range, a burst in industrial materials and upcycling projects has revealed a rustic and even warming effect within the home, introducing new possibilities and stretching away from standard home furnishings. We are bombarded with copper and rose gold in the 21st Century and using this to add an unusual twist to materials we would normally consider useless. In particular the use of copper casings and pipes, along with tightly wired metals, hung from chains or thick part-frayed ropes has had a massive effect on the kitchen and has opened a gateway into kitchen furnishings. Designers and DIY masters have taken to using copper piping and aged wooden planks to produce the boldest and striking shelving, yet the colors and the aged materials enable a statement to be made without it overwhelming. No one said that modern shelves had to be clean cut and perfected.

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There are issues when wanting to add shelves into small rooms such as bathrooms, and in places where the concern of them collapsing in the middle of a night is just too much to bare, so does a shelf really have to be an addition? The answer is no. Add depth and functionality to your home by cutting into the wall produce your shelf, it can be lined, smoothed and painted to match the walls, or it can be adorned with textures and colours creating a real statement.

Level uneven walls with bookcases, fix thick bars of painted wood to an awkwardly shaped wall, use multiple modern shelves across the creases and crooks of the rooms and incorporate hidden lighting into any shelf. The potential to enhance your home doesn’t need to be difficult or costly, it just has to be unique and innovative, and what better way to start than with shelving.

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