Use more wood! Wooden decorative panels on the walls, cornice moldings. Suffice it “new england style furniture ” look the wall, half-finished wood, half-wallpapered. Finishing with natural wood is very expensive, so you can use the bar, decorated with “under the tree”. Truly British is considered the wallpaper in a wide strip of dark green and dark red color.New England Cottage Style photo - 1

Cottage style furniture

No plastic and synthetics – only natural solid or veneer, restrained classical form. In the selection of furniture in the new england cottage style, do not skimp on purchasing a coffee table, and even better set of tables of different heights, retractable one underneath the other. And plenty of sofas upholstered in a colorful, always with lush pile pillows! For example Belvedere 3 Seater Sofa Duresta factory is a very good choice.

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Accessories English cottages

Be guided by the rule: the more, the better. Porcelain figurines, pictures of family members and pets, all kinds of napkins and pads – in short, everything that you see fit. Flouses in the new england style bedding are literally littered with such trifles. English style in the interior does not tolerate bright light. Anything, besides fashionable halogen lamps! Ideal floor lamps and table lamps give diffused, soft light. Reading lamp JRL-8383 from John Richard company will perfectly suit your room.
Do not hesitate to use these tips in order to make your home more attractive.

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