Decorating sunrooms to warm up the soul

When projecting their home, some people choose to make a room with glass walls or large windows surrounded by nature. These are the so-called solariums or winter gardens, which works both in houses as well as in apartments thanks to its versatility. Just decorating sunrooms is a comforting experience in itself. Having a solarium as one’s own private and cozy space is a luxury many of us are now willing to provide.

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Decorating sunrooms works more or less the same way as decorating a comfortable living room. Because it is an environment dedicated to relaxation, it is important to pay extra attention to the furniture and fabrics used, as well as not to choose anything too rough or too delicate. Forget embroidery and delicate wefts, and invest in details that will be practical and enjoyable on a daily basis. If a space is large enough, a sofa or soft armchair is welcome, leaving at hand a basket with blankets, books and magazines.

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Decorating sunrooms projected in smaller spaces, such as a balcony, the tip is to prioritize benches or mini armchairs as seating options. As these spaces are flooded with lots of natural light, it is the right place to bring nature into the home, so plants are more than welcome. This will automatically turn the environment into a peaceful and serene retreat, and will make your restful moments much more enjoyable.

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