Why Teal is the real deal!

A teal rug really brightens any room in the house, from the lounge to the bedroom, hallway or bathroom. Such a unique color, teal can be paired successfully to nearly any other (from browns through to dark blues) and are assured to bring a calm vibe to wherever they’re placed.

Teal Rug photo - 1

In a range of size, thickness and plush options, they are hard wearing and don’t show stains as easily as other lighter colors. Furthermore, when matched with white, brown and other shades of blue, a teal rug can bring a sense of being by the ocean to any room!

Teal Rug photo - 2

In a large spacious room they will add to the ambience without feeling cluttered and in a small room they will help broaden the sense of space. Versatile as well as attractive, you can’t go wrong with one of these.

Teal Rug photo - 3

Teal Rug photo - 4

Viewed as a classy and modern, a teal rug can be relied upon to really lift and accent dark or cosy areas of your household in an instant.

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